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The Arguments For & Against “Measure Y”

Measure Y Aruguments


We ask you to vote “Yes on Y.” It will save farms, open space and park land like El Corazon from the bulldozers. People always say they don’t want to pave over paradise. A YES vote on Measure Y will help stop paving of parks and farmland.

Please don’t be confused by the tons of mailers, signs, ads, social media advertising and phone calls from our opponents. They took $468K from the developer Integral/North River Farms (NOT a farm) that wanted to put over 900 houses in S Morro Hills when zoning only allows for 71! They are definitely not interested in saving farms.

Do you know any huge developers who want to farm? We sure don’t. This developer is willing to invest a half a million dollars to try to fool the voters of Oceanside. How many millions does he expect to make off this project- at our expense?

Yes on Y will give the people of Oceanside a voice- the right to vote on projects that will change our community by converting some of our priceless parks, open space or farmland into more dense development.

Why do we need this extra layer of decision making in Oceanside? Politicians on our Council have changed zoning numerous times even in the face of a huge public outcry. Measure Y will finally put the community first instead of the developers and lobbyists who have unchecked influence on the Council.

This grassroots, citizens’ initiative, called Oceanside SOAR, was signed by 13,522 of us. When Developer Integral/NorthRiver Farms (NOT a farm, but a housing development) proposed to build all those houses on 176 acres of prime, rural Oceanside farmland people got it right away. Wrong place!

Jane Gillian, a large avocado grower in Morro Hills, says,   “Allowing major development in areas where they don’t belong has long term consequences for the community as a whole. I feel we have a responsibility to be honorable stewards for this precious land.”

Some complain that Yes on Y takes away their property rights. Simply not true. Y keeps the zoning for their property exactly the same as it is now. If they want to change it, Measure Y lets the people decide if their proposal will benefit the city as a whole, not just enrich them and their developer pals.

Measure Y promotes development in the right places that already have existing infrastructure, transportation and public services. Just as we have residentially zoned land and can’t put up a hotel next door to you, why should agriculturally-zoned lands be able to put in highly dense development?

Please join us and vote Yes on Y on November 6th. We’ll be way down at the bottom of the 2-page ballot.

Endorsed by the League of Women Voters, Buena Vista Audubon, League of Conservation Voters, Friends of El Corazon, and thousands of others who believe in preserving our precious land and who really care about our entire community.

Find out more by visiting www.oceanside-soar.org or the official Facebook page Oceanside SOAR- Yes on Y


A tour of Oceanside’s farm neighborhood is breathtaking.

If you’ve never been up to South Morro Hills, come visit and see for yourself. You’ll get a new point of view of Oceanside, and you’ll see why we love to farm.

For those of us who farm here, we appreciate the beauty every day. As we look over the rolling hillsides and see crops growing, we also see generations of our families, we see the hard work of our parents and grandparents, and some even see the dedication and legacy of great grandparents.

These hills are like pages in a scrap book for us. We are dedicated to protecting our families’ histories.

In recent times, we have had to fight hard to keep our family farms. Today we face the most serious threat yet. And it’s from right here in Oceanside.

Measure Y, an initiative on your November ballots, is that threat.

This measure would reduce the value of our farmland, making it hard or impossible to renew the loans we need to fund our operations, and it could very well mean the end of local farming.

It also makes it impossible for folks to come experience agriculture right in their own city. You see, Measure Y prevents us from building a real farm-to-table movement here, blocking small scale agri-tourism businesses like a local coffee roaster, farm shop or cafe from starting up. That also hurts our ability to supplement our farm income and keep our farms going.

Economists who looked at Measure Y said it would likely force local farmers to face bankruptcy, let our land go fallow, or sell it off. It’s important to note that Measure Y allows – and in some ways ensures – that up to 100% of our farms will be broken up into 2.5-acre estate lots only the very rich can afford.

That would break our hearts. Farming is who we are. We see the passage of Measure Y as the end of farming in Oceanside. The California Strawberry Commission and the San Diego County Farm Bureau agree, and oppose Measure Y right alongside us.

Some believe that more expensive estate lots and fewer farms is the real objective of the measure. In fact, those behind Measure Y live on an existing estate in South Morro Hills, and their past actions show their motivations.

About two decades ago, they set out to control how we farmed and the crops we grew – a de facto foreclosure notice for many of us. We defeated that effort almost twenty years ago and now we need to defeat Measure Y.

The proponents of the measure also say it will protect parks, trails and recreational open space – but it won’t. Our municipal code already protects these lands. Measure Y does absolutely nothing new. And the people behind the measure know that.

A NO vote on Measure Y is a vote to keep Oceanside farming. Speaking for generations of Oceanside farmers, we would appreciate your NO vote.


Neil Nagata, Nagata Farms
Michelle C. Keeler, Mellano & Co.
Mark Murai, Murai Family Farms
Karl Metz, DM Color Express
Alan Fritz, CMA Growers Inc.
Mike Mellano Sr., Mellano & Co.
Dustin Campbell, Campbell Ranch LLC.