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Set In Stone: Springtime in Oceanside


Springtime in Oceanside

They say life is way too short so make the most out of every moment possible.

I couldn’t agree more. This is why this time of year is so special to most. I love the spring and summer months so much more than wintertime mainly because of the time change. Those extra hours of light allow us to have bonus time in the evening to enjoy the activities we love most after a long workday.

Whether it’s surfing, golf, basketball, soccer, bird watching, or whatever floats your boat, the extra afternoon time affords us these important moments in life. But most importantly, it allows time to gather with friends and enjoy the almighty “Happy Hour.” Oceanside has no shortage of options for that either.

So we felt it was time to shine a light on a few of the many great options on offer here in this month’s feature story. We hand picked twelve great ways to enjoy a cold beverage and great eats at an affordable price in a great atmosphere. Each one offers something different, and we urge you to try them all over the course of the summer months ahead.

We also have an amazing photo feature called “Springtime in Oceanside” that showcases the amazing colors of spring in San Diego’s favorite City. So enjoy the extra daylight and top off your day with some great food, cold drink, and good times at your local Happy Hour spot.

It should also be noted that this is our 5th anniversary issue, as we launched our first issue back in May 2014. Five years ago? Time does fly! A huge thank you goes out to all our valued readers and advertisers for all your support over the years—we couldn’t have done this without you guys. Cheers!

Jamey Stone

Excerpt from The Osider Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 3

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