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Set In Stone: Volume 6 Issue 1


It’s 2019 — can you believe it?

We’ve made through the holidays, and now its time to buckle down and get back into the swing of things. For some, that means a fresh outlook to start the New Year. Maybe it’s a strong health regimen, or a renewed focus on work or school? Whatever it may be, we salute you for looking to improve your daily life. We plan to do the same thing here at The Osider.

As Oceanside continues to grow, there are new challenges that we as a community will have to endure—some good and some not so much. As any city matures, there are always growing pains, but that’s where the lessons are learned in order to move forward.

With that said, we promise to put our best foot forward when making each issue of this magazine. The Osider is fully committed to this community, and although we can never please everyone, we will continue to show Oceanside in it’s best light, support our small businesses, and showcase the people who love and support our city. Most of all, we will keep the true Oceanside spirit front and center as we grow into the best city in San Diego county.

Jamey Stone