SDHC Now Manages Sierra Ridge Open Space Preserve

36.2-acre Sierra Ridge Open Space Preserve in the City of Oceanside:
San Diego Habitat Conservancy to be long-term manager of Sierra Ridge Open Space Preserve

Oceanside, California – After 12 years of planning and negotiating, Sierra Ridge Open Space Preserve in the City of Oceanside is now under easement and permanently preserve 36.2 acres of habitat crucial to the survival of native species in San Diego county. San Diego Habitat Conservancy (SDHC) is the long-term manager of the preserve responsible for stewardship of the site in perpetuity.

The preserve area was set aside as mitigation for development of the Sierra Ridge residential development. As part of a restoration effort which began in 2004, a 0.23-acre portion of the site was restored from disturbed habitat dominated by non-native species to high quality wetland habitat, native habitat type critical to the survival of many sensitive species. The site is primarily composed of coastal sage scrub and restored wetland. Several sensitive species can be found on-site, including thread-leaved brodiaea and coastal California gnatcatcher. In order to protect these habitats and species, public access to the preserve will not be allowed.

SDHC staff will visit the preserve on a regular basis to access its status, monitor changes in habitat quality and composition, and perform weeding efforts in order to invasion plants in check, Every effort will be taken to ensure the valuable native resources on-site are allowed to thrive.

SDHC, a nationally accredited land trust, was established in 2000 and manages a number of open space preserves throughout the San Diego region, preserving and managing sensitive habitat and species that are unique to our southern California environment. SDHC strives to share our knowledge and appreciation of the natural environment with the San Diego community, encouraging participation in the stewardship of our
region’s precious open space. The MISSION of SDHC is to conserve and manage sensitive habitats and species while inspiring land stewardship through education and outreach.